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25 Tree Evergreen Special

25 Tree Evergreen Special

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25 Spruce 60-80cm for $225.00 

* Pick up only * Any Mix in bundles of 5. 

Yeddo Spruce Zone 3 Mature Height - 12m
Koyama Spruce Zone 4b Mature Height - 15m
Dragon Spruce  Zone 3 Mature Height - 12m

In all of North America there are only seven species of Spruce.

North-East Asia, instead, offers a plentitude of attractive, hardy and strangely under-planted Spruce, three of which are available only at GBTF. The rarest of these is Picea koyamai, named after the botanist Mitsua Koyama. A handsome, bluish Spruce with up-curving boughs, it is now confined to a few groves totaling less than 300 trees in the central Japanese Alps where it has been devasted by typhoons and the vigorous inroads of commercial species. By planting Koyama Spruce you will not only enhance your landscape, you will also be protecting an endangered species.

Picea asperata or Dragon Spruce grows sparsely spread across the dry back-country of N.W. China and deep Central Asia. Here these plump and cheerful conifers huddle around water holes or lurk in the damp creases of the Tien Shan Mountains. A variable species, it might be lanky in Sichuan and darker in Gansu, but ours are light green and densely limbed like perfect Christmas trees, not like dragons at all.

Our third offering is the Hondo or Yeddo spruce, again existing in relic pockets in the Japanese Alps and on the north island of Hokkaido. Picea jezonensis var. hondoensis was found “alluring” at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show and awarded a prize for “its very lovely young red cones.” We give it an award for its prodigious rate of growth, for it is closely related to B.C.’s towering Sitka Spruce which, alas, is not winter hardy here. Its Yeddo cousin, however, survives 30° below and seems to relish the glacial tills of S.E. Ontario. Given that the Sitka is the world’s premier lumber Spruce, its Asian cousin may well prove to be a valuable commercial species in Eastern Canada.