Spring 2024 Pre-Orders are now Closed --- Check back February 1st for our Spring 2025 offerings.

Ordering / Shipping Information

Spring Orders

Spring orders are accepted through our website from February 1st to April 20th. Upon checkout you will be given the following options:

  • Pick Up In Person ( Various dates available ) 
  • Ontario + Quebec Flat-Rate Shipping ($50).          ( $100 Order Minimum )
  • All Other Provinces Flat-Rate Shipping ($65).        ( $100 Order Minimum ) 

Pick Up In Person 

We look forward to welcoming customers to our farm each spring. If you are able to do so, we encourage you to enjoy the beautiful drive to our farm and invite you to wander around our nursery. Your trees will appreciate the extra effort.

We are located just outside the quaint hamlet of Marlbank at:

900 Napanee Rd
Marlbank, Ontario K0K 2L0

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Pick up Dates 2024

  • Friday April 19th 
  • Saturday April 20th 
  • Sunday April 21st 
  • Monday April 22nd 
Aside from scheduled pick up and plant walk days, our farm is closed to the public. Please respect our privacy as we work through the off seasons. If you need to change your pre-selected pick up date, please notify us via email. 

Big trailers or enormous vans are NOT necessary to get your trees home: pickup trucks, station wagons, car roofs, large trunks and fold-down back seats usually suffice. Bring a tarp. 

Please see our policy on missed pick up days on our Terms & Guarantee page.

Shipping Orders

Bundles of Trees Next to a Station Wagon

We take a lot of care with your dormant, bare-root trees, which will come to you stoutly packed in recycled grain bags, standing in damp shredded paper or wood shavings and tied to a reusable bamboo pole.

Don't be deceived by the compactness of your package, we find tightly packed trees protect each other well on their journey to your home. Open your bundle to review your order — we assure you there's more than one tree in there.

Our packages come to you via Canada Post. A creation of generations of our people. We have depended on our local post office for 50 years. Its network knits together our tenuous ribbon of a country.

Postmistress With Bundles of Trees

Please note we have a $100 minimum on all shipped orders. 

We do not ship trees that are over 1m in height. Please check the "purchase height" on each tree before placing an order to be shipped.

Packages are sent out in early May. You will receive an email notification when your bundle has been placed in the mail. 

Payment Options

  • Visa, Mastercard, Debit
  • E-Transfer 

Creating your order 

We encourage you to research beyond the scope of our website before placing an order. There is a wealth of information out there on every species we offer.

Below each plant listing you will find:

Hardiness Zone

This is the coldest zone in which the listed species normally survives. Only experimental plantings should be undertaken in zones colder than those listed. For more information please see our Zone Map of Canada.

Purchase Size and Mature Height 

Mature height is the eventual size in metres of the fully grown plant. These are averages and can vary up to 20% either way depending on soil and climate. Purchase height is listed in centimetres. 

XL Stock - Pick Up Only 

Each year some items are available only in sizes over 1m. These are marked "Pick Up Only"

Please note we do not accept phone, email or social media orders. 

We regret we cannot answer specific questions about which trees you should plant on your property. Personal taste is so subjective that it is important that you decide what is best for your property and climate. Being a seasonal family farm, we do not have the staff required to help with these decisions. A little research in the library or on the internet will go a long way toward your decision making.

Please review our Terms & Guarantee page.

If you need help navigating our website to place your order please send us an email at admin@goldenboughtreefarm.ca.