Spring 2024 Pre-Orders are now Closed --- Check back February 1st for our Spring 2025 offerings.

Terms & Guarantee

With 50 years of growing behind us, we are proud to say our trees have an excellent success rate. We put love, energy and integrity into the work we do and make every effort to prepare our trees for successful transplanting. 

Should any of our large stock fail to grow, we will replace it - or its nearest equivalent - free on your next order with us. 

To qualify for a free replacement: 

  • Trees must have been planted within three days of receiving them;
  • Trees must be planted in sites that are compatible with their preferred growing areas;
  • Trees must have been watered, weeded and tended appropriately; 
  • Trees must be given two months to bud before assuming they have failed.

We cannot be held responsible for trees that budded out after planting and later died due to lack of care or various outside threats - Deer damage, lawn mowers, drought, blizzards, apocalypses, etc...  

When bundling your trees we verify they are alive and prune them with care. All trees need watering and attention for the first two years after planting. In the rare case they don't survive transplanting and you feel you have given them the care they need, let us know and we will honour our Guarantee.

We value our Customers and believe in the good faith of our fellow tree lovers. 

Seedlings are NOT GUARANTEED.

Missed Pick up Dates

We ask that you notify us as soon as possible if you cannot pick up your order on your selected pick up date.

Orders are pruned, bundled and bagged the evening before your chosen date. Missed pick ups put the health of the trees at risk and create additional work for our farm. 

If you do not appear on your chosen pick up date, we will send you a email to offer an alternative date.  

If you have not picked up your order by April 30th 2024, we will replant the trees and refund your order less a 50% restocking fee from the total of your order.