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Morus spp.

Fast growing, quick to bear fruit. Abundant, delicious, black fruit make this tree a favourite among children, jam makers and birds. Used in Chinese medicine, ancient paper making and the favourite food of silk worms. Each glossy, lobed, leaf has its own unique shape. Our seeds come from multiple sources and it is unclear which species they are exactly. We have believed that our seed sources were Red Mulberry, as they originally came to us from verified seed sources but due to the difficulty in identifying these trees from their Chinese cousins, (with whom they readily cross pollinate), we will now refer to these trees as simply mulberry. 

$18.00 each ( 60 - 100cm ) 

$20.00 each ( 1-1.5m )  * Pick up Only * 

Hardiness Zone  4
Purchase Height  60-100cm
Purchase Height  1-1.5m
Mature Height 10m