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Plant Walks and Demonstration Gardens

  We, the new generation of Golden Bough Tree Farm, are inspired to find ways that humans can learn about plants, both cultivated and wild, as a means to better care for the Earth. 

  Learning to see and interact with Nature in a gentle and thoughtful way makes us instruments of wildness. Planting even a few Cedars or a single Silver Maple in our yards creates habitat for migratory birds, a refuge for wildlife and a home for pollinators. Every square foot of ground becomes an opportunity to grow a future of beauty and diversity.

  Over the 50 years of our existence, Golden Bough has become a beautiful arboretum. It is time to open our doors and invite you to come and visit us. During our to-be-scheduled informative plant walks, we will explore our land and the plants that grow here along with their beneficial human uses and roles within an ecosystem.


Walks Scheduled for Spring 2022 

Pick Up Day Walks - Saturday April 23rd - 11:00 am 

Wander through the Golden Bough Nursery / Arboretum. Look at trees from around the temperate world. Ask questions and explore no-till Permaculture gardens. Find early spring wild edibles and herbs.


Late May - Saturday May 29th - 11:00 am 

Pick a fairy salad, wild spring greens are abundant and delicious. Let's explore what Nature planted in Her garden for early harvest.


June Herb Walk - Sunday June 5th - 11:00am 

Let's look at all the medicine, it's everywhere. Wander the nursery, learn about how the "weeds" have a million uses and ways to make you feel better.


Interest-Led Plant Walk - Saturday July 16th - 11:00am 

Have questions, ask them. Want to know about "that plant"? Just wander around asking questions. I'll do my best to answer them. It'll be fun, I promise. 


Sign Up Information

Plant Walks are led by Blair Richards-Koeslag, our Nursery Manager at Golden Bough. 

To secure your spot send an email to admin@goldenboughtreefarm.ca

Please include your name, preferred walk, and order number - if you are participating in a "Pick Up Day Walk".


Suggested Donation of $20.00 

Donations Accepted Via- E-Transfer to Blair.Richards.koeslag@gmail.com

"Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple."

— Bill Mollison

"Without trees we cannot inhabit the earth"

— Bill Mollison